Arms and Legs pack - C4D rig

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Arms and Legs pack - C4D rig

Ace5 Studios
16 ratings

For more info please check out my page: https://ace5studios.com/armsandlegs/

UPDATE: now added Separated hand rig versions of the arm models. 

This is the cartoon stylized Arms and Legs pack. Attach em to your own characters, create centipedes and quadrapeds, bipeds, pentapeds, whatever you want! Honestly i’m surprised how much fun it is to create these. And I made the pack :)

This pack is a pack of limbs for Cinema4D. For a limited time it’s going for $39.99, i will be adding more legs and arms to this pack and raising the price soon. If you buy now you get all the updates i make for it for the next year for free!

There a 3 variations of each c4d leg rig by height.

for more info please check out my page: https://ace5studios.com/armsandlegs/

toon Cinema 4D character rig

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3 pairs of Arms, 3 pairs of Legs Rigged for Cinema 4D


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